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Performance isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to businesses. Companies usually put most of their effort to bring in more sales, grow the business, and have more profit. It becomes confusing to these companies when, despite their efforts, the numbers just aren’t changing. What should be done is to change the mindset and refocus to the more important aspect – the people.


A business is meant to be a great experience for the management, employees, and customers alike. If it will only benefit the management alone, chances are, it won’t last as long as they hoped it would. They should focus on cultivating the people surrounding the business, and there are a number of ways to do just that.


Empower your employees

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For a company to reach its highest potential, it should focus on helping their employees develop. An employee will stay in an environment that appreciates, supports, and values them. When the people working for the company grow, the business grows too. 


Employee dissatisfaction is detrimental to a company, so if employees always leave, the company will spend time and money to recruit, hire, and train new people. Equip all employees with skills that make them work better as a team. Make the people your most important asset in the company and productivity will increase. They, too, will be focused on helping the company reach its best.


Attend to the customers’ needs

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A company would not succeed without its customers, and that is a fact. It’s only logical to prioritize the customers’ needs at all times because boosting the brand to new heights is in their hands. Instead of focusing on the numbers and obsessing on how to improve on it, take a look at the customers. Are the complaints and comments being taken seriously? Do they have suggestions that may improve the business greatly? 


By ensuring that the customers are happy, they will be more loyal to the brand and influence other people to do the same. Customer satisfaction affects the numbers in this manner.


Make hiring a priority

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Leaders and executives sometimes dislike being so involved in the hiring process. They believe that certain qualifications are in place to turn away everyone who is subpar. The higher-ups should actually be more concerned about the people they hire because a person’s best qualities aren’t always measurable. 


An applicant who took a gap year or was five minutes late may be more hardworking – but there is no way of knowing if you’re not involved in hiring and creating the team.


Don’t fear mistakes

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Mistakes show the areas where employees need to improve. It is unintentional, and it could very well be an honest mistake. At the risk of making errors, workers would be afraid to be bold, which doesn’t really bode well for the company. Harshly punishing employee mistakes is not fostering an honest and open environment.


Allow a margin for error to some extent and acknowledge that no one is perfect. Clients and customers, like employees, are humans too and they will appreciate being dealt with honestly. Give employees the freedom to learn from mistakes, and ensure that the same mistake won’t happen more than once.


Numbers are a great way to measure most things, but people aren’t always measurable. Don’t treat people like a number because there are a lot of intangible factors beneficial to success that can’t be accurately portrayed in percentages and charts. Remember to focus on the people and the numbers will come.

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