logo shape psychology
To the average customer or audience, a company’s choice of branding isn’t something they focus on since people usually won’t dissect or analyze a logo. But what they don’t know is that these logos have more of an effect than we give them credit for.  Any designer worth their salt knows that there’s a lot...
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brand colours
Colors breathe life to any design. They are a direct visual representation of a brand’s identity; they reflect any mood, and are capable of evoking emotions. Use the wrong color combination on your branding and design, and we can almost guarantee that you won’t be able to convey the message you want to get across....
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creativity and data
For decades, marketing was considered as the “make things pretty” department of the business world.  However, we now live in a world ruled by figures. Organizations are utilizing data to create more efficient and effective marketing campaigns. For so long, marketing professionals have relied exclusively on creativity and imagination that they seem to have developed...
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designing a timeless logo
A good logo will always be recognizable but a great logo is timeless. When designing or creating a brand for your company having a logo is probably one of the first things you think about; everything from text, symbols, and even color. But the best logos in the world aren’t only easily recognizable, they’re also...
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