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good website design and responsiveness

World Wow Web: 5 Key Principles of a Good Web Design

Any designer worth their salt knows that in order to capture the elusive attention of today’s audiences, going visual in your marketing collateral is key. Particularly for your website that contains all vital information about your brand, its design could either make or break customer engagement, especially when you only have a few precious seconds...
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designing a timeless logo

Business Branding: How to Make a Timeless Logo

A good logo will always be recognizable but a great logo is timeless. When designing or creating a brand for your company having a logo is probably one of the first things you think about; everything from text, symbols, and even color. But the best logos in the world aren’t only easily recognizable, they’re also...
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Lead Generation 101: Boosting Your Inbound Marketing Strategy through Qualified Leads

As competitive as the current business landscape is, companies are getting more and more creative in securing long-term bonds with their prospects, and in ensuring that all bases in the purchase funnel are covered. But in doing so, there is one essential process that should not be overlooked—lead generation. In this article, we will be...
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Email Marketing

How Emails are Transforming the Marketing Industry

Over the years, the email has evolved to be more than just a tool for exchanging information—its vital role in marketing has also been recognized, and businesses whether big or small are now using this highly valuable tool for their marketing efforts. Today, the spotlight is on email marketing – here’s everything you need to...
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Making Your Brand #IGWorthy: Using Instagram For Marketing Your Business

We’re no strangers to Instagram’s beginnings as a place in the internet where we go to for our daily dose of adorable dog videos, mouth-watering food posts, stalking our celebrity crushes, and of course, for posting our #selfies.  Up until today, we still use Instagram for these things—but who knew that since rising to popularity...
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visual marketing

When Pictures Paint a Thousand Campaigns: Understanding the Impact of Visual Media in Marketing Strategies

Having excellent visual content is vital in successfully executing any marketing campaign. Even if you have a potentially strong strategy laid out, without visual elements, reaching out to your audiences and selling your product would almost be impossible. But how exactly does visual marketing work, and what are the explanations behind its proven effectiveness in...
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woman reading about brand from book

Building a Personal Brand

A brand refers to a name, design, symbol, slogan, and other features that are used to identify a business. It’s how you know a laptop is a Macbook if you see an apple silhouette, or how the colors blue, red, yellow, and green in that particular order will remind you of Google. This practice used...
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group people working out business plan office compressed

Do’s and Don’ts for an Effective Sales Deck

Running a business ultimately means that you’re going to really sell a product and that means you’re going to need a refined sales deck, and with changing times, technologies, and trends your sales deck is going to need to evolve. Catching the attention of investors can be quite a challenge nowadays and simply presenting a...
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Online learning

15 Online Courses to Help You Expand Your Knowledge

Nowadays information is just at the tip of your fingertips, you can go online for anything and everything you need! From the most popular to the most niche topics you will be hard pressed to not find something about it with one quick web search. It is no surprise that the internet also has a...
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