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The Outsourcing Debate is Irrelevant Test

It takes a whole team of experts to get the biggest return on investment on your marketing efforts. Marketing requires a certain level of focus, experience, and even aggression in order to be successful and sustainable, which can be difficult to achieve when you’re also busy with the other core aspects of your business.   ...
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10 Best Cold Email Software to Help You Close Deals Effectively

Cold emailing can be a powerful, low-cost customer acquisition channel. It entails connecting with an audience who may be potentially interested in your products or services, but did not opt in. When done properly, it can be instrumental in growing your business.   But success with cold email marketing doesn’t come easy. To create high-performing...
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Outsourcing Success Stories: 37Signals’ Decision to Refocus Efforts to the Basecamp Product

Often when entrepreneurs start brainstorming sessions about the direction that they want their company to go to and the many ways they can provide added value, there’s a tendency to go off tangent. Wanting to do so much is completely understandable since most businesses start with addressing a major societal concern, whether it’s for improving...
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Changing the Mindset: Focusing on the People First Before the Numbers

Performance isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to businesses. Companies usually put most of their effort to bring in more sales, grow the business, and have more profit. It becomes confusing to these companies when, despite their efforts, the numbers just aren’t changing. What should be done is to change the mindset...
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Tales of Innovation: Why Companies Should Focus on Storytelling

A recent trend over the past few years is attracting new customers by telling the story of how the company came to be. It makes complete sense because, through storytelling, the company is showing what sets them apart from others and why their business is to be supported. A successful breakthrough is something to celebrate...
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Online Marketing 101: How Is Your Content Affecting Your Social Media Marketing Initiatives?

Social media has become a vital platform for many businesses to expand their digital marketing campaigns. It helped many organizations to establish a stronger online presence and gain more recognition from the online world. The tricky part is finding an effective strategy to capture and generate engagement from their target audience. Because of this, companies...
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The Hidden Agenda: Ensuring the Success of Collaborative Marketing

Today’s marketing landscape is continuously changing. What is effective before may not be as helpful now. This is why companies are steadfast about keeping themselves updated when it comes to latest trends in the industry. As a result they’ve discovered tons of alternative strategies to promote their brand. Among those methods comes the appearance of...
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The Creepy & Spooky Agenda: How Halloween Spendings Affect Businesses?

For years now, Halloween is celebrated as an event to remember or commemorate the souls of people who passed away. You can trace back this tradition from 2,000 years ago which originated in a Gaelic festival known as Samhain. This is originally meant to appease and welcome the spirits of the dead who are making...
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How to Avoid Being Scared by Your Finances this Halloween

Halloween is here, which means there are only two months left in the year! Taking this in, you’ll realize how much of your business’ short-term goals have been forgotten, including attempts at cutting costs and earning more profit.    Don’t let your start-up fail just because of poor cash flow management. That has to change....
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