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Tales of Innovation: Why Companies Should Focus on Storytelling

A recent trend over the past few years is attracting new customers by telling the story of how the company came to be. It makes complete sense because, through storytelling, the company is showing what sets them apart from others and why their business is to be supported. A successful breakthrough is something to celebrate...
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Online Marketing 101: How Is Your Content Affecting Your Social Media Marketing Initiatives?

Social media has become a vital platform for many businesses to expand their digital marketing campaigns. It helped many organizations to establish a stronger online presence and gain more recognition from the online world. The tricky part is finding an effective strategy to capture and generate engagement from their target audience. Because of this, companies...
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The Hidden Agenda: Ensuring the Success of Collaborative Marketing

Today’s marketing landscape is continuously changing. What is effective before may not be as helpful now. This is why companies are steadfast about keeping themselves updated when it comes to latest trends in the industry. As a result they’ve discovered tons of alternative strategies to promote their brand. Among those methods comes the appearance of...
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The Creepy & Spooky Agenda: How Halloween Spendings Affect Businesses?

For years now, Halloween is celebrated as an event to remember or commemorate the souls of people who passed away. You can trace back this tradition from 2,000 years ago which originated in a Gaelic festival known as Samhain. This is originally meant to appease and welcome the spirits of the dead who are making...
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How to Avoid Being Scared by Your Finances this Halloween

Halloween is here, which means there are only two months left in the year! Taking this in, you’ll realize how much of your business’ short-term goals have been forgotten, including attempts at cutting costs and earning more profit.    Don’t let your start-up fail just because of poor cash flow management. That has to change....
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Horror Films Marketing Wisdom

Things Marketers Can Learn From Horror Movies

People always say you can learn a lesson from everything – relationships, failure, and other life experiences. That much is true. In fact, you can even learn a thing or two from classic horror films that you’ve probably already seen. Despite being looked down as a movie genre because of the low-budget outputs and storylines...
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Outsourcing in Aggressive Markets and Industries

The process of hiring an individual or a group of individuals to perform services that are usually done by in-house employees, also called “outsourcing”, has been a common practice for most companies today. After all, the outsourcing practice continues to boast multiple benefits, including lower operational and labor costs, as well as access to a...
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WhatsApp Outsourcing Success

An Outsourcing Success Story: The Fighter That is WhatsApp

There is absolutely no debate that the outsourcing practice continues to thrive in today’s modern business landscape. In fact, a 2016 Deloitte survey showed that major companies will keep outsourcing a huge chunk of their businesses primarily to cut unnecessary costs and subsequently focus on core business operations. Outsourcing may range from providing a full...
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Outsourcing: An Option for Young Entrepreneurs

Galvanized by a new product idea, a young entrepreneur would often set out to lay the groundwork for a new enterprise. Often this exercise meets an insurmountable wall as the deluge of tasks that need to be done overwhelms the young businessman and discourages them from pursuing their goals.   If there is one thing...
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